In myths and legends, good fairies help orphans, reward children for their honesty and willingness to help others. Good fairies accompany the little ones on the path to adulthood. Fairies enjoy various forms of entertainment.

We all become creative and cheerful while playing games, but that is not all. Our spirit gets lifted up, new ideas begin sprouting in our mind and we get mentally refreshed. Children living in children’s homes or foster care seek all these attributes.

Childhood is a significant part of life. This life phase shapes us and often determines steps we take in adulthood. We feel the urge to make children happy, show them how to gain self-confidence in the hope of a better future.

Look at what we exactly do


We, Good fairies, help children from children’s homes; we adopt an individual approach towards children.

We explore children´s talents and focus on their strengths. We provide children with remedial classes, organize various educational and entertaining activities and events.

We encourage children to pursue their own development. We help them gain more self-confidence and try to increase the possibility to find their niche in life after leaving children´s homes.

We inspire children by our friendly attitude.

We started as two devotees and a foster mother. In September 2015, our non-profit organization, The Good Fairies for Children, was founded.

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